iBeaver Merchant Support Package for F&B Businesses 2020

Is Covid-19 spelling out trouble for your F&B business? Its not the end.

It’s time to take back control of your business situation and find different ways to generate sales.

Join iBeaver Shop today,
the lowest commission food delivery platform in Singapore!

The 2 key reasons why you should join us

We recognise this issue: Most F&B businesses cannot cope with the commission charges for food delivery.

Therefore, at iBeaver Shop, our primary focus is saving your overhead costs and lowering your risk for food delivery services.

How does joining IBS help your business save cost?

Lowest Commission

We charge the lowest commission fee of 10% in Singapore for every fulfilled order made on site.


Save on credit card fees as our primary mode of payment is “PayNow”.

Live Assistance

We coordinate food orders & deliver the food on your behalf to help you reduce manpower needed.

Introducing the 4 Steps Loop Cycle for Long Term Success!

We deliver islandwide. Customers around Singapore are able to choose your restaurant as their meal option. This allows you to venture out of the 3km restriction and decreases competition among the neighbouring restaurants.

The more reviews you have, the more likely a customer will order from your restaurant.

We have an organised application for customers to choose food from your menu.

This beats trying to consolidate orders via Whatsapp or Phone Calls which it can be quite disorderly and chaotic during peak hours.

After checking out, IBS will update your customers on their food order via SMS.

We provide Live Assistance to merchants working with IBS to ensure smooth delivery. Better yet, we arrange and allocate dispatch riders to pick up and deliver the food straight to their doorsteps.

Our customers can leave you a food review and rating via SMS in exchange for points in our reward system.

We will also issue return vouchers to encourage customers to return and order again.

With these 4 steps, you’ve just completed a loop cycle and on your way to a successful virtual brand!

How does this tie in with a Successful Virtual Branding?

From our database we collect from food deliveries, we are able to provide you with basic details such as name, phone number, email and past orders for long term marketing and data analysis. For example, you can analyse and retarget marketing strategies based on geo-locations or specific audiences.

With the customer reviews that you receive from IBS, we will also be able to provide advisory and personalise your brand to provide a better business positioning, thus, re-design and build up a virtual brand concept for you.This provides you an opportunity to increase its revenue stream and attract new customers without the need of a brick-and-mortar front

Example of a Virtual Brand in iBeaver Shop:

KEK, a popular zi-char restaurant primarily focused singaporean cuisine, did a virtual brand that breaks away from the traditional menu and cooked up a “Singapore-style” modern, fusion burger menu. By creating a virtual brand called Wok In Burger, KEK is able to attract and widen the customer base and build a new concept while using the same kitchen premises. For example, a virtual brand introduce foreigners interested in Singaporean dish,Chilli Crab, in a form of a burger.

Where your business is at, Where you can be.

Where your business is at

Limited online presence & footfall in shop

Where you can be

A stable business with a good reputation and solid customer base that is ready for expansion and franchising

IBS charges only 10% commission for successful transaction and return to consumers as rebates to buy more from you!

0% Upfront Cost

0% Set Up Fee

No Payment Gateway Fees

Send us your food menu to start

Send your Food Menu to us today!


Why should I work with iBeaver Shop for my restaurant’s food delivery orders? We have Grabfood & FoodPanda already!

We offer a competitive rate of 10% commission fee for every food delivery transaction, whereas other platforms charge up to 40%.

In short, we charge the lowest commission fee in SG and do personalised marketing campaigns for you!

Can I still work with GrabFood/ FoodPanda after joining iBeaver Shop?

Yes, of course. We do not restrict the platforms you choose to work with.

What if the food I serve is not made for food delivery?

We will work with you to change up your menu to make it suitable and attractive for food delivery via iBeaver food delivery platform for bulk orders, bento and self-pick up.

For immediate assistance, please contact
Email: ken@mibc.sg / admin@mibc.sg
Phone: 9663 8719 / 8699 3655

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